The following rules apply to the exhibition:

  • The rules apply to the exhibition titled "TITANIC - TRUE HISTORY", organized in Krakow at the building at Marii Konopnickiej 28; 30-302 Kraków from February 9, 2018, hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibition"
  • The organizer of the exhibition is JVS GROUP S.R.O. in Ostrava, at 708 00 Ostrava Poruba, ul. Slavikova 1744/22, hereinafter referred to as the 'Organizer'
  • Admission to the Exhibition area is payable and is possible only upon presentation of a valid admission ticket or ID issued by the Organizer. The ticket price list is available at the box office and at
  • Wstęp na teren Wystawy osoby niepełnoletniej, poniżej 16’tego roku życia możliwy jest tylko pod opieką osoby dorosłej. Pracownik wystawy może żądać od Zwiedzającego okazania dokumentu tożsamości ze zdjęciem w celu ustalenia wieku Zwiedzającego.
  • The admission ticket is only valid for the entry date and time specified in its contents. However, Visitors with a ticket issued one hour earlier or later may enter the Exhibition area if the current turnout allows it.
  • Exhibitors' employees have the right to suspend entry to the Exhibition if the number of spectators exceeds the maximum number of visitors at a given time. In such a situation, the Visitor may wait for the opportunity to enter the Exhibition or exchange an admission ticket at the ticket office for a different time / date.
  • The admission ticket is a one-time ticket, after crossing the exit gates, it is not possible to re-enter the Exhibition area on the basis of the same ticket.
  • The visitor is obliged to keep the presented ticket until leaving the Exhibition.
  • In the exhibition area, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures with equipment with exchangeable optics, with the flash and recording in any form. Only persons accredited by the Organizer with a special ID issued by the Organizer are authorized to take pictures, it is possible to take souvenir photos for private use, they can be made only by phone without a flash and in a way that does not disturb other people. Pictures for private use can not be used for any commercial purposes.
  • Visitors are required to leave their outer clothing, bags, backpacks and other items in the locker room, with the exception of handbags with dimensions of max. 30cmx40cm.
  • It is forbidden to bring objects and dangerous substances onto the exhibition grounds, including knives, weapons, ammunition, explosives, telescopic clubs, etc. If you suspect that a person entering the exhibition area is carrying or carrying dangerous objects, exhibition staff have the right to check the clothing, contents of the bag, backpack, luggage and to identify the person in question necessary to establish her identity, as well as requests to leave the Exhibition in justified cases.
  • During the visit, observe the observations and recommendations of the Exhibition employees. During the tour, follow the comments and recommendations.
  • All failures, damage and destruction should be immediately reported to the employees of the Exhibition.
  • The subject and specificity of the Exhibition may evoke various emotions or psychosomatic reactions.The admission to the Exhibition grounds takes place on the own responsibility of the visitor or the responsibility of his legal guardian.The visitor has the right to leave the Exhibition without the right to return on the basis of the same ticket.
  • Voluntary entry to the Exhibition area is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations in full and consent to the processing of personal data voluntarily provided at registration for marketing purposes of the Organizer.
  • Visitors to the Exhibition agree that photographs, films or recordings with his image can be used without payment.
  • Na teren Wystawy nie będą wpuszczani Zwiedzający z jedzeniem oraz napojami niezabezpieczonymi szczelną nakrętką.
  • No visitors with food and beverages unsecured with a tight cap will be admitted to the exhibition area.
  • Na teren Wystawy obowiązuje zakaz wprowadzania zwierząt.
  • Na wystawę nie zostaną wpuszczone osoby znajdujące się pod wpływem narkotyków, alkoholu czy innych substancji odurzających.
  • Opiekunowie osób niepełnoletnich ponoszą odpowiedzialność za zachowanie swoich podopiecznych oraz za szkody przez nich wyrządzone.
  • The organizer of the Exhibition, its employees or subcontractors are not responsible for any random events, health, material losses, harms etc. resulting from the specificity of the Exhibition and failure to comply with the rules set out in these Regulations or ordering the employees of the Exhibition.
  • In case of improper behavior during the visit, the Exhibition employees have the right to exit or take in order to hand over to the Police persons who interfere with other visitors or persons threatening the safety of persons or property.
  • Visitors to the Exhibition acknowledge that the Exhibits and equipment of the Exhibition constitute property of considerable value within the meaning of art. 115 § 5 of the Criminal Code, or property of great value within the meaning of art. 115 § 6 of the Penal Code, so that their damage, destruction or seizure involves civil liability (monetary damages) and increased criminal liability of the perpetrator, envisaged for causing significant damage or damage in large sizes.
  • The organizer reserves the right to close the exhibition on selected days or at all, as will be announced on the website two weeks in advance. People who bought tickets for these days can return them at the place of purchase.
  • The discounted ticket is valid up to 26 years of age

We ask all visitors for cultural and quiet behavior and not to disturb other visitors.